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    Brian Paes-Braga

    Brian Paes-Braga is a Canadian entrepreneur, merchant banking executive, and philanthropist. Currently, he serves as a Partner and Managing Director at Fiore Group, a leading merchant bank which builds, invests, finances and advises firms in the natural resource, technology, food and beverage and entertainment sectors. He is also Principal, Head of Merchant Banking at SAF Group, which provides flexible and long-term capital solutions to public and private corporations while providing stable returns for investors.

    2008 marked the beginning of Brian's career in finance at just 20 years of age, when he was hired as a stock broker at Jordan Capital, during what was one of the worst financial crises in modern times. Brian was able to navigate a market filled with uncertainty, quickly becoming the youngest Vice President at the firm and spending the next four and a half years helping to grow the business from five employees to over 50, opening offices in both Calgary and Colombia.


    After Jordan Capital, Brian joined Pathfinder Asset Management where he was responsible for running Intrynsyc Capital, Pathfinder’s exempt market dealer arm. Transitioning from being a broker to merchant banking gave Brian front row access to some of the CEOs and companies his firm was helping to bring public and capitalize in Canada.


    In 2015, Brian foresaw the battery revolution and founded Lithium X Energy Corp., as a way to fill a void in the demand for lithium driven by the energy and consumer electronics markets. Using public venture capital and powerful partnerships, Brian and his team raised over $50 million for Lithium X before selling the company to an international buyer for over $265 million in March 2018.

    Brian Paes-Braga sits on the Board of Directors of two Fiore Group portfolio companies, DeepGreen Metals and Thunderbird Entertainment. Outside of his business interests, Brian is also an Advisory Council member of the International Crisis Group and is proud to support several charities and research groups through his foundation, Quiet Cove Foundation, which seeks to support innovative solutions to large scale social issues.


    In 2019, Brian was appointed Chair of Thunderbird Entertainment Board of Directors. He is also a lead investor in Nude Beverage Group and is part of the strategic advisory board of Gold X Mining Corp (formerly Sandspring Resources).


    Brian enjoys hiking and playing tennis, hockey and golf.

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